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Join Us As A Care Provider

Join Bergance and expand your practice. Benefit from increased patient reach, flexible scheduling options, and additional income opportunities. Our platform is designed to support you and your practice and streamline patient interactions.


Here's why you should join us:

  • Choose your patients: Browse available appointments and select the ones that fit your expertise and availability.

  • If you own a private practice, it is an opportunity for you to reach more patients. If you do not have your own practice, forget about the financial burden of setting up one. Bergance will do the job of connecting you with patients, so you can focus on what you do best—providing quality care. We are a marketplace where any licensed provider can connect with patients.

  • We provide the platform, the patients, and the support. You provide your expertise and care. Note that the platform is free to use for providers.

  • Bergance will provide malpractice insurance coverage for providers without a practice and looking to provide care to patients, and this is to ensure your peace of mind.

  • Your security is our priority if you are providing care at home. We've partnered with a third-party company to provide security while you're inside patients' homes. In case of emergencies, you can alert the company, and they can coordinate with 911 if needed.

Your nursing skills are in high demand. Bergance empowers you to use them to their fullest potential. Join us in redefining healthcare today.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Sign Up below, and let's start making healthcare better together.

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